Within the last year I have starting running road races. It all started out with one 5k that promised free beer after the race with friends and family and lead to many more and further and further distances. I ran my first half marathon back in April and am currently training for my second in October; along with a few members of my kickboxing team and my badass brother (who will be running his first half marathon that day) as well. I started to think about merging my two loves of running and photographing people, maybe I should give photographing people running a try and boom! The next day a childhood friend of my father’s facebooked me that a trail race in her town was looking for a volunteer photographer. I jumped right on it. I love the idea of volunteer work, especially if it benefits children and education. It was strange to be at a race for the first time and not actually be running in it but, I had such a fun day of non-stop photographing cute kids having precious moments with friends and family, karate demonstrations, a kids fun run, cute pups, and lots of folks trail running. Thanks to the Exeter Day School for having me, it was a blast.

2018 Holidays

The holidays this year were a whirlwind to say the least. I really had high exceptions of sitting in Christmas this year; marinate in it so to speak. 2018 had different plans for me and I might have actually had the busiest holiday (for me) to date. I’ve been going non-stop since September, juggling mom life with full-time business life, throwing a puppy into the mix, all while trying to keep up with my self health. I even hosted a Halloween party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Chanukah all at my little house. I tend to put a lot on my plate. So no, I didn’t get to sit by the tree and drink coco while listening to She & Him’s Christmas albums, (actually didn’t even have my decorated until a week before Christmas) but I did put on my super-hero cape and Santa/Mom sleighed Christmas if I do say so myself. Life has a way of keeping me always on my toes and working me pretty hard, and at times I know I stretch myself thin (which I know is true for a lot of you out there). But, shit I feel like such a champion when it is all said and done, sometimes the pride in myself makes it all worth it. I’m excited for what 2019 brings, life isn’t going to get less busy. If anything it’s going to be more so and I am ready for it. Cheers to Twenty Nineteen. Cheers to personal calendars and organization. Cheers to you and yours.

With much love!,

Des James & Family.

Caitlyn and Kaylee: Best Friends.

A couple months back I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of beautiful and vibrant best friends. I was sadly raised at a time where women were supposed to be jealous and catty towards other women. Now a days, I can happily say this is no longer the case and the importance of women needing women is very much highlighted in 2018. Friendship is a magical thing between anyone and all genders but, there is just a bit of extra magic in women supporting women (as they should have been all these years we have been roaming the earth). I am personally grateful for the women in my life that I get to call my best friends. In all the chaos and laughter in life, I feel so lucky to have them by my side. Especially in the moments of silence; having someone you can share the quiet moments with is where you find the truest of friendships. Caitlyn and Kaylee know that nothing beats a “ride or die” friendship; having someone always in your corner cheering for you or to take Disney vacations with. It helps make the impossible feel possible. When you find that friendship, hold on for dear life and nurture it. There’s nothing greater than the real love friendship brings to your life.

Eat all the treats, drink all the coffee, laugh, love, comfort, sweat & push each other, and remember to sit together in the quiet times and enjoy it all. <3


Sending out wishes for a spooky, safe, and spectacular Halloween to all my fellow witches and ghouls! May your costumes all win first place and the Sandworms stay at bay..

<3 des james | Furiosa |

Back to School; Salon Make-over.

My daughter turned 13 this past July and for her birthday I told her that I would take her to a salon. She’s very much into fashion trends and studies make-up tutorials with dreams of being a make-up artist in the (near) future. Let’s face it 13 is a big deal, it’s the time that we start to really grow into adults from children. Probably a great time for Mom to stop dying and cutting your hair in the kitchen, well at least this one time. Though the bill from the Salon was more than what I normally charge her ($0), she had a wonderful experience and the before and afters say it all.


Life with a Photographer for a Mom.

   This is my favorite image of Orrin from our summer vacation in Newury, ME, back in June. 

"Being a photographer mom has proven to be a bummer for for my son now that’s he is six. He was smiling seconds before and after this image was taken, knows precisely when to make a funny face while I’m shooting him. Orrin’s a smart banana who is off at his first full day of 1st grade and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Excited what full time school means for him (and me too!).. can’t wait to see how much we both grow. ❤️"

"Being a photographer mom has proven to be a bummer for for my son now that’s he is six. He was smiling seconds before and after this image was taken, knows precisely when to make a funny face while I’m shooting him. Orrin’s a smart banana who is off at his first full day of 1st grade and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Excited what full time school means for him (and me too!).. can’t wait to see how much we both grow. ❤️"

This past Tuesday, all the moms and dads at the school yard had their phones out photographing their children before sending them off to the first day of school. The school even had a faculty member out on the playground with a polaroid camera, so the children could carry a picture of them and their parent into school that day with them. How awesome, right? What a cool, little, but very special thing to offer to these children. I immediately loved everything about the idea, but my son when asked if he would like a photo to bring into school, abruptly said No! 

Orrin had been telling me all morning while getting ready for school..  at breakfast; "Mom, I just don't want any pictures today." while getting dressed; "Please mom, no pictures." putting on his shoes; "Mom, I hope you know I'm sorry, but I just don't want any pictures today." walking to the school; "No mom, not even one." I didn't push him. I just kept saying it was okay, we had a small conversation about maybe just one for me and to send to his Bubbe and his response was, "you and Bubbe don't need a picture of me today." He's right. 

Bubbe and I don't need a picture to mark the day that Orrin first started first grade. We don't need it to continue to live a healthy life, or to be good people, or to be thought of as good parents and grandparents. We don't need it. He's smart for a six year old. Yet he is only six years old and doesn't see life with 'aging eyes perspective'. Oh it's a thing, through my eyes he's six and one year from now he will be seven and starting second grade, then eight, then all a sudden he's eighteen and on too adulthood! I swear it happens that fast. I know cause I'm thirty-five and I remember being six. You all know, time flies by!

I'm a photographer partly out of my love to go back and visit memories by photograph. To be fair, when I was six there definitely was not an over saturation of pictures being taking of anything. These days smart phones and digital cameras have definitely changed that. Orrin also loves looking at photographs, something we enjoy doing together. He just needed a break from being in front of the camera and he voiced it to me. Even though I don't need that picture of him on his first day of school I did want it, for memory sake. I believed it was more important that he went to his big first day of first grade with the right mind set. Though I would have treasured that polaroid forever, I will treasure our conversation we had about how cool first grade would be, how big megalodons actually were, and the possibility where they would be hiding if not actually extinct.

In this case for me, the lack of photograph will tigger the memory of Orrin's first day of first grade.