oh shark!

"Des James was born and raised in a large city outside of Boston, Massachusetts, 3 blocks from the ocean shore. She grew up with the city under her feet, head in the clouds, and dreams to the oceans horizon. Obsessed with art, photographs, and sharks; these would prove to forever be her passions in life."

oh hi! I'm des james. 

My driver's license states I am a 36 year old, Mass-hole. Parent to 2 'growing like weeds' children, 3 dog like cats, and a beast of a mixed pup; I'm really much a kid at heart. I am a big fan of comic books and comedians. Lover of all sharks, my Father enrolled me to become scuba certified at the age of 11. My dream is to someday photograph sharks, a lifetime goal I currently have in my 5 year plan. I have my black belt in Muay Thai kickboxing and continue to train hard 4 times a week. Running is a new found joy in my life and is now my favorite form of meditation. I'm never not in the mood for black coffee and an adventure, with my camera in hand, chasing the light. Mottos being; "Live every week like it's Shark Week."-Tracy Jordan + "Be kind to one another."-Ellen

I am truly excited to meet you. Let's create something beautiful! 


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